HELLO AND WELCOME TO THIS HORRID USELESS BLOG. My name is Lauren! Nice to meet ya. I blog pretty much whatever I want. I will take requests with writing, but it might take me a while because I get terrible writer's blocks. I have no clue as to why you're here but I love you for coming~ And that's it! For now.

23rd September 2012

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0:13 Pokémon Red/Blue

0:25 Star Fox 64

0:39 Chrono Trigger

0:54 Halo

1:17 Yoshi’s Island

1:30 Bubble Bobble

1:45 Banjo Kazooie

1:55 Sonic the Hedgehog 3

2:12 Totaka’s Song

2:19 Tetris

2:29 Dr. Mario

2:42 Out Run

2:56 Mega Man 2

3:20 Wrecking Crew

3:32 F-Zero

4:00 Fire Emblem

4:14 Super Mario RPG

4:30 Cave Story

4:47 Donkey Kong Country

5:10 Gradius

5:30 Final Fantasy X

5:43 Kingdom Hearts

6:06 Kid Icarus

6:20 The Secret of Monkey Island

6:40 Kirby Super Star

7:15 Castlevania

7:25 Ducktales

7:45 LoZ: Ocarina of Time

8:06 Metroid Prime

8:20 Shenmue

8:40 Metal Gear Solid

9:04 The Legend of Zelda

this made me happy

({need mp3 now})

I forgot all the problems in the world just now


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